Homemade Curtains

I decided to make my own curtains for our home. Like most home projects I endeavor on, I have a vision of the end project before I begin. When I knew what I wanted my curtains to look like I went online window shopping and had no luck finding what I wanted. It was then that my friend told me she made her own and helped me learn the skill.

Dining Room Curtains

We used this pattern. I love how it so versatile. We were able to use the same pattern for our standard windows and for our large bay window. I have also had so many compliments on it that my friends have been asking me to make them for them as well. Check out the blog in the link, she has a LOT of great home ideas!

Once I caught on it was really easy! I also love that I can choose everything from my fabric and backing to the exact measurements of the panels. I have a world of options, and can make custom pieces for our home.

Making Curtains 1Making Curtains 2

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